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BBQ-Ride-2017-100BBQ Ride 6-11-2017
IMG6455Mothers Day 5-13-17
IMG6413Blessing of the Bikes 5-7-17
img_6332Tony Packo's 4-15-17
MG3445peFrozen Tundra Ride 1-1-2017
IMG18292016 Good Ol Days
20160903192002Riding the Smokies 9-3-2016
20160814102927Picnic in the Park 8-14-2016
PaintingWithATwist006LOH Day at the Beach 8-7-2016
20160805134404resized7Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ride 8-5/6-2016 
MG1883Leather and Lace Ride 7-31-2016
IMG1703VA Hospital Ride 7-30-2016
IMG1411Freedom Ride 6-26-2016
IMG1326LOH Bike Wash 6-25-2016
IMG0760Harleyfest 2016
IMG0888LOH Stockport Mill Ride
IMG3321May Day Ride
IMG0494Bike Blessing 2016